Use the code "downpayment" to reserve your device for only $50. Pre-Orders will get the discount price of $279 when we launch on Indiegogo (your deposit will be subtracted from that amount). Full retial price will be $499 after the Indiegogo campaign. A portion of sales goes directly to veteran brain health treatment.


Subscription Service

First year of subscription service is free! The subscription services unlocks the full power of the Yoga Sleep Node. It includes premium content from professionals, high quality nature sound recordings from around the world, weekly sleep challenges, guided meditation from experts, bedtime stories, access to real sleep coaches for real results, and live sleep tracking so you can see your progress! After the first year, the subscription service is an annual renewal of $59.99. Of course, if you don't want access to all these benefits, the Yoga Sleep Node still works with basic features.


Fall Asleep 10x Faster - Wake Up Refreshed

The ZERO-BLUE, bio-friendly patented OLED lighting allows you to slip into slumber without all the damaging exposure to typical lights. The acoustic design offers ultimate in sound experience. Add custom sound frequencies proven to improve brain performance. Get rid of your alarm and wake up to the soft white light that allows you to gently wake up refreshed. Create the perfect sleep routine to be the best version of you!


Personalize Your Sleep Experience
You choose the bedtime and wake time sequence. Automate your sleep for maximum healing and restoration. Use the metronome to practice box-breathing; find your favorite meditation expert to join a class or listen on your own; listen to bedtime stories or choose a thunderstorm to whisk you into sleep. This is a smart device and it is connected to our cloud content library. Play a selected track at a certain time of day in coordination with the lighting (and any other integrations). Choose content created by sleep, relaxation, meditation, and yoga experts, from nature sounds, ambient noise, and guided meditation. 


Smart Home Device Technology with Features for Better Sleep

This product operates as a smart home device but has added features to help you sleep. Add integrations like Nest thermostat control, Philips Hue lights, and Withings Sleep Mat Monitor.


  • Integrated app to create your own automations and track your progress.

  • Full smart home  integration (lights, sound, temperature, sleep measurementclimate)

  • Night lighting: Zero-blue bio-friendly OLED lights

  • Morning lighting: Soft white lighting 

  • Acoustic Sound to fill the entire sleep spaceHigh-quality speakers with custom-designed speaker ports

  • Packaging made from 100% recycled material

  • Super high strength and durable materials

  • Integrated app to create your own automations and track your progress

  • Content from sleep, relaxation, meditation, to yoga experts

  • Completely open-source for Makers & Tinkerers

  • Make your own integrations in Node-Red


Common Questions:

  • How much is it? (answered June 2, 2021) It’s $50 deposit and $229 when we open up sales. After the launch, the retail price will be $499.

  • When will I get it? (answered July 23, 2021) We have not established an exact day for the Yoga Sleep Node launch, but it should be this year. Once all the orders have been placed, the early backers with a $50 deposit will receive their product first. Pending any delays that should be within 60 days. Then, Indiegogo campaign purchasers will receive their product by order of purchase date. The estimated timeline for this next wave of deliveries should be 90 days.


Do you use Node-Red? Do you want to build your own integrations? This product is for you. Powered by Linux and Node-Red, the Yoga Sleep Node has an open architechture with a strong community supporting development. 


OLED lights are RoHS (EU Directive 2011/65/EU) and IEC 62868 (OLED safety) and IEC 62922 (OLED performance) compliant and are compliant with UL8752 (OLED safety) and are UL recognized in file E353273.


Computing system is RoHS3 and REACH compliant and follows IEC 60950-1: 2005 (2nd Edition) and EN 62311: 2008.


Please contact with any specific questions.

Pre-Order Only - Yoga Sleep Node

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  • Pre-Orders will be handled in the order they are received.